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I created a responsive WordPress e-commerce website for Bio~Squirt, a revolutionary product designed to address odor issues and maintain waste tanks in various settings, from RVs and boats to airplanes and portable toilets. This website features a user-friendly interface with a dedicated distributor login portal for backend access and bulk ordering capabilities.

Bio~Squirt, developed by Lenzyme, Inc., is a science-based odor encapsulator that neutralizes odors effectively by encapsulating and breaking down odor-causing organics using an all-natural blend of environmentally friendly bacteria and enzymes. This product goes beyond mere masking and ensures that odors are stopped and do not escape. It’s not only septic safe but can also be used in home septic and drain systems.

The website provides clear instructions on how to use Bio~Squirt, making it simple and convenient for customers. It recommends a straightforward process involving just a few squirts of the product into the toilet, ensuring a fresh and clean tank for an extended period. For maintenance and end-of-season cleaning, the site offers detailed guidance for both black and grey water tanks, as well as drain lines.

Bio~Squirt’s versatility extends to various applications, including RVs, boats, campers, airplanes, tour buses, portable toilets, and home septic systems. It emphasizes the importance of adhering to safety standards and responsible waste disposal practices while highlighting the environmentally friendly nature of the product.

With its user-friendly design, distributor login, and comprehensive product information, the Bio~Squirt website is a valuable resource for customers looking to maintain odor-free and clean waste tanks in their recreational vehicles and other settings.

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